Everything You Should Know About Knnis Influencer Program

Knnis is a global skincare company with products sold in more than 150 countries. knnis has received a lot of love from their clients, with over 1000 transactions and counting in just a few months.

You might be interested in learning more about our Influencer Program if you’re reading this. We provide an Influencer program with a Flat 20% commission that increases as you produce more sales on our merchandise. Please allow me to explain why you should join our Influencer Program..  

What is special with knnis influencer program ? 

  • In terms of commission, this is one of the Highest paying skin-care brands ( Starting with a flat 20 percent )
  • Our store has over 200 beauty products, including 25 branded items.
  • If you want to make a personal video or make a post with a product to advertise, we will provide you a few things from our store for free. ( All you have to do now is handle the shipping.) 
  • We also give pre-built product templates so you can promote them quickly and easily.
  • We ship internationally, so you can be a part of us, regardless of where you reside or who your target audience is.
  • Because we supply high-quality products, you don’t have to be concerned about our quality or delivery.
  • You will receive a simple PayPal payout every month at the end of the month.

Bonus – Your average commission will be $25 per sale with Instagram story exposure. You may make an extra $1500 each month just by putting your story. Insane right !!!

Get Free Product From Our Store To Promote !! 

Currently we are providing only one product to our Influencer but soon we give you products every month. 

Link – https://bit.ly/2UnUFbN 

[ Password – Teamknnis ] 

Directly book this from the store. This product is free for our influencer. you have to manage shipping. 

Once you receive the product, generate your link and start promoting it. In between you can sign up for our program. 

How to Become a Member of Our Knnis Team ? 

STEP1 : Go to our official site https://knnis.com/affiliate/ Simply Sign Up now. 

knnis influencer program

STEP2 : Simply Register Yourself on Our Influencer Program. 

STEP3 : Once you Complete to sign up for Influencer. You Receive a Confirmation Email with login link and password.

STEP4 : Simply Login with your email and password. 

STEP5 : You can See your Influencer Dashboard now. 

The overview will show how many people click on your link, how many sales you generate, and how much money you make. Go to creatives to acquire a referral code.

STEP6 : Generating Your Affiliate Link 

Simple Paste the Url Of product You want To Promote & Simply generate your link.

For Pre-built Template Products

For Pre Built Template Products Read this – https://bit.ly/2SQLhwH 

You can market 200+  different products, and we supply a pre-built template for you to use. Create your affiliate link and download the template once you’ve picked the product you want to promote, then post it on Instagram with your affiliate swipe up link.

Note -If you want template of any particular store simply drop us an email or contact us on our instagram. 

Best wishes for you !! 


How can I change my Influencer Login password ? 

When you login you can see an option of edit profile where you can change your Influencer login Password.

How do I receive payments ?

When you sign up for our influence program we ask you for your PayPal email through which we automatically pay you by the end of the month.

How to login in again in my Influencer dashboard ?

Just Go to Knnis Influencer store to login in your account. ( https://knnis.com/affiliate-home/

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