Eyebrow Setting Fluid Colorless eye

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Eyebrow Setting Fluid Colorless eye, Super hot wild eyebrows! you deserve to have!

  • Derived from natural plants
  • Extract plant to lock delicate eyebrow makeup
  • “Lock” delicate eyebrow makeup, gentle skin-friendly
  • Transparent gel setting liquid, long-lasting eyebrow makeup
  • Gentle formula, refreshing and non-sticky, does not affect makeup
  • Grasp the paste firmly, and easily brush out the delicate eyebrow makeup
  • Eyebrow shaping, colorless, odorless, transparent, unlike other soap.
  • Excellent stereotypes, making your eyebrows three-dimensional, natural and dense.

✔ Product category: eyebrow cream/eyebrow dye cream

✔ Color: Transparent

✔ Specifications: normal specifications

✔ Special-purpose cosmetics: No

✔ Net content: 10ml

✔ Skin Type: Universal

✔ Eyebrow setting fluid *1

Weight 50.00 g
Dimensions 125 × 25 × 25 cm



Based on 15 reviews
  1. KB

    Worth it!

    All I know is that I was using this stuff consistently for about a month while I had a set of lash extensions on…when I went back for my next fill, my lash lady said, “Have you been using Latisse? Your lashes are super long and much fuller than they were the last time you were here.” I just said ‘yes’ but the truth was that I had been using this stuff because I wanted to give my expensive bottle of Latisse to my mom since she just finished chemo! I was also putting this Organys stuff in my eyebrows and they were longer and bushier as well, though I did get some dry skin in my eyebrows as time went on. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I paid for this myself and did NOT receive it as part of a promotion. Highly recommend! 

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  2. Frank S

    Great deal on make-up

    Good price and fast delivery

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  3. Kristin Hurdle


    Does everything the expensive stuff does but you pay a lot less. My eyebrows look great after using this. 

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  4. Amy

    Amazing results for an amazing price

    While shopping around for a lash serum, I was really trying to make sure I would find one that wouldn’t stain or darken my lids, irritate my eyes, or break the bank. This product meets all three of those requirements! Due to the ingredients, it doesn’t irritate my eyes AT ALL and I have really sensitive eyes. I have been using it for about 6 months now and I can confidently say that it does not darken my lids at all. I know of other serums that my friends have tried that have left dark brown lines on their eyelids as if they had smudged brown eyeliner on. This also is a lot more affordable than other serums and does the job perfectly. Just make sure to use it consistently for about a month before you judge whether or not it works for you. 

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  5. B. Price

    Working for me

    This is the first time using this type of product and so far so good. 

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  6. BadHobbit

    It really does work!

    I noticed a difference within a week. I used this solely on my eyebrows as I was worried about the irritation to the eyes some people mentioned. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures! The hair on my sparse eyebrows was definitely longer and thicker. I have (after a month of use) noticed that there is some new hair growth, albeit thin but there is definitely new hair where there was not before.I am not using other products than my normal facial oils and vitamins.I was surprised that it actually works. I am excited to try it now on my lashes.There is some slight “cool” stinging when I apply it but to me that makes me feel like it is working. I do wish it came with a spool brush for the eyebrows since the “eyeliner” type of brush takes a bit of time loading the product onto my eyebrows. Other than that, it’s a good product at a reasonable price.

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  7. KJ

    Great Product

    This is a great product. Easy to apply. Stays on all day. 

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